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Marine Construction

Proud to be one of the most experienced Arctic contractors in marine construction.

Tower Arctic Ltd. is an experienced, Nunavut based marine contractor, successfully completing numerous marine construction projects throughout the Arctic.

Small Craft Harbour – Pangnirtung, Nunavut

A project awarded by the federal government of Canada, work on this contract consisted of dredging of the small craft harbour in the hamlet of Pangnirtung. Construction of a new West Breakwater, Sea-lift ramp, marshalling area and fish habitat compensation.

City of Iqaluit Breakwater

This city landmark consisted of dredging the small craft harbour along with the construction of a new breakwater. The dredged material was used to form the core of the new breakwater, blasted rip-rap material was placed along the breakwater slopes to protect the core.

Deep Sea Cellular Dock – Polaris Mine, Little Cornwallis Island, Nunavut

In the early 1980’s, with an innovative engineering and construction proposal, Tower Arctic Ltd. was awarded the contract to build the Cominco Polaris Mine’s deep sea cellular dock on Little Cornwallis Island. The project included the offshore construction of four (4) – eight five (85) foot in diameter cells, joined by three (3) smaller cells. The eighty (80) foot long sheet piles were driven into the ocean silt below using an internal guide frame and electric vibro hammer.

To achieve our three (3) month construction window, Tower Arctic Ltd. used the Arctic winter cold to construct a seaside ice platform, that was 700 feet long x 200’ wide x 9 feet thick, to work from and that was joined to the existing shoreline on each end. Ice and ocean silt were dredged from the cells core from the ice platform before the installation of a bridge structure to mount a transfer conveyor system. The cells were backfilled with blasted native granular material and once stabilized, the shoreline was pushed out to join the land with the recently constructed cellular dock structure. To complete the installation, a ship loader and insulated conveyor galleries from the concentrate storage facility were constructed.

Under a separate contract with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Tower Arctic Ltd. constructed and installed a remotely controlled, tidal gauge system to the dock, providing valuable, real time tidal information. Some twenty (20) years later, at the end of the mine’s useful life, Tower Arctic Ltd. was contracted to decommission and remove the complete dock infrastructure to fifteen (15) feet below mean low-tide and to restore the shoreline to its original properties.

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